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85% of women aged 25 to 44 read direct marketing pieces

Using direct marketing to target consumers with specific coupon offers is one of the most effective tactics to build sales. Not only can you communicate to new high-value prospects, but you can also reinforce your relationship with existing customers building the buyer behavior that builds your business.

Businesses of all sizes have used coupon delivery through a variety of direct marketing avenues to build a business. Coupons delivered like a laser beam to very specific recipients reach out and pull in customers. And, because most offers are tailored to the audience receiving the direct mail, consumers accept and respond well to the offers.

Direct Marketing by the Numbers

72% of adults have replied to direct marketing pieces containing a “BUY ONE- GET ONE” offer.
  • 95% of all shoppers like coupons – AC Nielson
  • 72% of adults have replied to direct marketing pieces containing a “BUY ONE- GET ONE” offer.
  • 87% of all shoppers use coupons – Advertising Age Magazine
  • 85% of women aged 25 – 44 read direct mail pieces
  • 72% of adults said they have replied to direct mail pieces that contained a “BUY ONE- GET ONE” offer.
  • 63% of people have responded to direct mail that offered a percentage discount on a purchase
  • 60% of all shoppers actively look for coupons – AC Nielson
  • 54% of shoppers are increasing the use of coupons due to the slipping economy – Wall Street Journal

Direct marketing is more significant than ever because people respond to the mail at a higher rate because there is less mail. In addition, the rise of the internet has diminished phone directory used to the point of no return. The result is direct mail delivered directly to your best prospects has more impact than ever.

Direct Marketing Makes Sense to Businesses

Coupon marketing is a great strategy for creating a steady stream of new customers often turning into lifetime customers.

63% of people have responded to direct marketing offering a percentage discount.

63% of people have responded to direct marketing offering a percentage discount

When a customer is treated well and has a positive impression of a business, repeat visits are the result. Below are a few of the reasons businesses use direct marketing techniques to deliver coupons.

  • Coupon marketing creates opportunities for add-on sales of items related to those in direct marketing offers. When consumers respond to “special offers”, they are prospects for purchasing additional items on the same visit or items such as gift cards at full price.
  • Coupons will re-claim dormant customers. Past customers with changed shopping patterns can be reinvigorated with a great offer. Direct marketing can help bring them back into the fold.
  • Coupons convert new customers at a time when they are actively shopping and buying.
  • Coupons incent the competitions’ customers to try your business. Studies show consumers will take advantage of a good coupon offer, often changing shopping patterns to do so.
  • Coupons have the effect of expanding market area and as well as saturating specific areas or demographics. You connect with those most important to you.
  • Traffic increases driven by coupon marketing help fuel additional impulse purchases.
  • Coupon marketing is measurable. The initial response is measurable by counting the number of coupons redeemed. Further, buying clubs and frequent visit cards can help encourage repeat visits and allow tracking of long term customer relationships.  

Direct Marketing Is Targeted and Measurable

Coupon marketing, and using a variety of direct marketing mediums, will generate increased revenue. The results will be more measurable than other media, primarily because of very targeted delivery and a measurable return on investment.

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