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Direct mail marketing continues to get responses at the highest levels. The Direct Marketing Association publishes a report annually titled the Response Rate Report. In short, direct mail gets higher response rates than any other direct marketing medium and email marketing delivers a higher ROI.

Of course, sending emails to people you know, to sell additional products and services they are familiar with, explains the higher ROI. Direct mail provides the foundation for direct marketers looking to build an email list able to actually produce higher ROI figures.

How Irresistible Offers Can Affect Response and ROI

What is an irresistible offer you ask? It is an offer delivered to targeted prospects that is very specific, tangible in that it has obvious value to the recipient and can benefit new customers immediately. Part of the allure is the offer must be exciting so it will capture the attention of your prospects and break the norm to which consumers have grown accustomed.

Getting Offer Ideas for Your Direct Mail Marketing

Think about some of the online marketers building traffic for their customers. Locally often has great irresistible offers for consumers and on a national stage, Groupon also has a wide variety of offer ideas to help spur your thought process. Both of these online marketers have driven traffic with their irresistible offers and their promotions can serve you when developing the offers you need to increase the response and the ROI of your direct mail marketing programs.

Elements of Irresistible Direct Mail Marketing Offers

I’ve seen a number of great articles about how to build offers and how to have these offers drive your direct mail marketing programs. Below are solid ideas to try to incorporate when building irresistible offers. With these thoughts as guides, most business people can then begin focusing on offers of quality and value that can induce a response.

Consider the Following Ideas When Constructing Your Direct Mail Marketing Offers:  

Scarcity – Limited-Time Offers, Limited Quantity Offers, or Limited Time and Limited Quantity offer all introduce scarcity to the mix. Inherently they are all reasons to respond.  Think about it, ‘Get 0% financing before it’s gone!’ or ‘limited numbers are available, or what if an offer was only available for a certain time and quantity? Then you might have yourself an even more irresistible offer. The offers promoted on are perfect examples of a timeframe that is presented and often has a limited number of offers available.

Bandwagon Effect – people are assured that if a large number of people use a service or product it is accepted and acceptable. From a social point of view many have used or done “that” so the product or service must be a good choice because if it were a bad product, others would have stopped buying long ago. Remember the concept of proof in numbers. Chances are you have heard of a hamburger stand boasting “Over 1 billion served”.

Timing & Popularity – if there is a buzz about a service or a product you offer, sometimes this alone elevates a product you or service you have. It happens often in the fashion industry (every bridal store has a copy of a Royal bridal gown) and in fitness (Rollerblades, Stair Climbing machines).  Ideas based on Jessica Meher’s post 

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To help explore offer ideas and their merit, call Mail Muscle staff at 844-538-7774 and ask for Bob, or email us and we will contact you.